Why Proper Job

PROPER JOB is the market leader in commercial property maintenance, with the right solution for all minor commercial repairs, refurbishments and renovations.  Our landscape and handyman services are carried out to the highest standards and our experienced team is fully insured - our services not only save you time but are also guaranteed to impress.


Proper Job’s excellent reputation is backed by a long list of satisfied clients from various industries, who trust us to perform fast, quality results - any day or time of the year.  


Shopping Centres - PROPER JOB cares for the grounds and carriers out handyman and property maintenance work for the Sun Valley Markets shopping centre, Sun Valley Road, Gladstone


Body Corporate - PROPER JOB cares for the grounds of residential living complexes that range in size from two unit duplexes to multi-level unit complexes that comprise 140 units


Major Real Estate Agencies - PROPER JOB provides grounds maintenance, handyman maintenance and ground ‘blitz’ services on propeties for sale and rent


Heavy Industry - PROPER JOB has assistd these clients by carrying out grounds work and grounds/garden maintenance, a well as light maintenance/repairs work


Childcare Centres - PROPER JOB provides regular and adhoc grounds and general maintenance to five childcare centres in Gladstone, Tannum Sands and Calliope


Little Creek Residential Development - PROPER JOB caries out regular grounds and gardens maintenance to common areas residential blocks and vacant blocks within the development


Commercial/Industrial Properties and Complexes - PROPER JOB provides regular grounds and garden maintenance